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18 mars 2017

Wang Qiang the flying chinese, and many others...

Since 2013 and more, this passionate of aeronautics have tried and tried again to build is dream. He got his experience with the support of his friends and perseverance in making the plane by itself.

flying chinese.jpg

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26 janvier 2017

2017 Champions du Monde !

Les phases finales du championnat mondial de Handball sont arrivées. Dernières places disponibles pour la demi finale France Croatie le jeudi 26 Janvier et le dimanche 29 sur le site indiqué. Avis aux parisiens, les Bleus vous attendent nombreux.


France Norvège le Dimanche 29 à 17h30. Toutes les places sont vendues. 

32 France


24 Norvège

Résumé de match ici

 stade fr.jpg

handball 2017.jpg

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18 octobre 2016

THE tennis GAL will be back april 2017

According to the news, Maria will be officialy back in January, and at French Open 26th April 2017. Since we miss her presence on sat TV, this come-back will be the best for all of us.

Maria's defense at Court of Sport was that she had “learned how much better other federations were at notifying their athletes of the rule change, especially in Eastern Europe.”

The drugs she had to take for Medical reasons is not recognized as 'dopping' that would increase athlete's performances. The effects are more about people's mood, sexual performances  :-)  and sperm motility.

Scientific point here. Let's get mobile on tennis courts Masha!

Maria Sharapova      "Return in January 2017"
maria sharapova.jpg

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16 août 2016

Le meilleur des Sports co, c'est sur France 4

Francetvsport France2 France3 France4 et FranceO.  

"Quand ma femme m'embête, je descends dans la bagnole et je regarde la radio." Coluche.


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