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Sang, chic et Bibimbap

파리 티티의 illustrissime 신문을 읽으십시오. 아이들은 상 Chef의 집에서 잔치. Top cuisto는 8 세 이하 어린이를위한 비빔밥을 제공합니다. 주머니에 넣은 파리의 좋은지도. 세계 수도 풋볼 패밀리를 잔뜩 먹을만큼 충분합니다.

피에르상은 오베르 뉴 (Auvergne) 가정에서 입양 한 7 세의 나이에 프랑스에 도착했다. 그의 할머니와 할머니는 부엌에서 많은 시간을 보냈다.
민트 매거진은 최고의 식품 및 여행 잡지입니다.

Lu sur l'illustrissime journal du titi parisien. Les enfants se régalent chez Sang Chef. Le Top cuisto sert le Bibimbap aux moins de huit ans. Un bon plan de Paris en poche, de quoi régaler les familles de la Capitale mondiale du football.


"Pierre-Sang est arrivé en France à l’âge de 7 ans, adopté par une famille auvergnate. Sa mère, ainsi que sa grand-mère, passaient beaucoup de temps en cuisine, ceci expliquant alors son goût des bonnes choses."  

Mint magazine est le premier magazine food et voyage.


Photos : Marie-Amélie Tondu




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2018's World cutest event is UK's


The "Fantastic4" are currently taking care of the new born child. How many mugs and plates for tourists to be sold? Well, that not my business. Since Harry and Williams would be happy to "take home the World Championship trophy" they might be watching at sunday's event carefully. Not sure who has the best team. But anyway that is a pleasure to see Kate and Meghan parading with elegant outfits. Sport is not all in English culture, and recent withdrawal of first level Ministers could be a sign of the time. Who knows? English team to resign in front of sharp and punchy french commando. The  Royal  baby  tree  is growing and makes Kate's dream come true: managing Royal familly criquet team at home soon. :-) 



ROYAL Baby 175.jpg

criquet monty.jpgcricket-game-rules.png

Photo credit: meghansmirror, Aaron Chown/PA Wire, Monty Pytons, Criquet rules.


Qui "lait cru"?

Votre enfant est malade? N'en faîtes pas un fromage!


Source: Le Parisien.



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