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08 novembre 2016

Muses, Museum et Musea, World Heritage program

Worldwide project about conservation of patrimony and Museums preservation. As mentionned several times in the News, many Museums have been destroyed and Artefacts sold or dispeared during conflicts.

A recent meeting at Paris UNESCO Head Quarter was the place to be, at least if you have interest in Art conservation or being a professional. This organisation was born right after WWII, 16 September 1946 with the aim of "Building Peace in the minds of men and women".

Report of 2nd and 3rd November  Paris World Heritage Conference 

 CNN 2015 Precious monuments lost in middle east conflicts

  RT News 2016 Syria UNESCO Heritage damage

unesco musees.jpg

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28 octobre 2016

Wind power in France. After Taiwan and Portugal...


Yes, it's floating, and resist to powerfull winds of typhoons in Taiwan and Portugal.

To read on http://www.leparisien.fr "la production d'électricité en France" and




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18 octobre 2016

THE tennis GAL will be back april 2017

According to the news, Maria will be officialy back in January, and at French Open 26th April 2017. Since we miss her presence on sat TV, this come-back will be the best for all of us.

Maria's defense at Court of Sport was that she had “learned how much better other federations were at notifying their athletes of the rule change, especially in Eastern Europe.”

The drugs she had to take for Medical reasons is not recognized as 'dopping' that would increase athlete's performances. The effects are more about people's mood, sexual performances  :-)  and sperm motility.

Scientific point here. Let's get mobile on tennis courts Masha!

Maria Sharapova      "Return in January 2017"
maria sharapova.jpg

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27 septembre 2016

C'est la fête en Colombie, mais le pacte échoue devant le vote

castro FARC.jpg

paix-et-conflits signature d un cessez le feu

 Une petite chance pour un Prix Nobel Raul Castro?

Et c'est finalement Juan Manuel Santos qui reçoit le Prix grâce à la signature du traité de Paix avec les FARCS.

La Colombie rejette l' accord de paix avec les farc


Rétablissement des relations Diplo entre CUBA et USA



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