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Always Ric-QUEST original !

The US economic situation must be a source of anxiety for a Nobel economist.

Paul Krugman Princeton University (2008), NJ, USA

“for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity”


paul krugman 500.jpg




Special CORONAVIRUS US Business operation




"In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and as the U.S. faces a critical shortage of ventilators,  Bloomenergy  is exercising its expertise and capabilities in product end-of-life management to begin refurbishing the thousands of out-of-service ventilators available in the U.S. We are working with state agencies and customers – many of which are hospitals and medical device companies – to identify supplies of unused, out-of-service ventilators."


If you have or know of any organizations that have out of service ventilators or would like to partner with Bloom on this effort, please do one of the following:



Richard Quest can't find more penny on NYSE floor ... but he still have profitable solutions. Learning and talking business on CNN Headquarter sunny roof. :-)

While NYSE touches the bottom. During his first move on the morning, R.Q. just seen "essential workers of NYC" in the subway. TIME SQUARE 2020 New Year remembering.

Please CNN crew take care of Richard Quest, he stands over the roof of your skyscrapper. I am afraid he "believes he can fly". Now it seems more difficult to climb up the roof with virus. 


Almost the best view on Global business news with shinny birds in cage. Even better and more kind during crisis analysis. Julia recognised Colonel Tom Moore's hundreds moves. We are waiting for Richard QUEST's walks on his Manhatan balcony. Might he raise hundred bucks or food tickets? 


uk colonel 100.jpg


Link for Donation website.  36 545 028,07 Euro pour NHS UK.

Photos: 50% everipedia and  50% US News REUTERS.


Where Health concerns meets Trading consequences


texte 80.jpg

mug white.jpg great work.jpglivraison ok suivi.jpg



Good luck buddy, and don't believe defamer like the one who called your CEO today. I am gone watch CNBC for next sexy Mug. 



Just to show how they pollute my life, as their attitude pollute the FRENCH street.



It's fun that this team believes CIA (David Mc Millan Starthearn still pretend being CIA 2020 by declaring in front of Police deputee, he also said "I am french" -> Townley) defamers like they did once, CNBC never called me to check if what they Knew by phone-call was right. It shows to younger generation of journalists that coping (i mean collaborating) with defamers and N'drangetha leads to "first move" on CNN.




They create fake scenarios of local events and report stories that correspond to their plans to the local Polices. They claim to be victims of other people, but they make scenarios to gain attention.


They try to steal a property, that's why they planned to seek Police help for any reasons they can create since they arrived ten years ago.


She makes troubles on purpose because she needs "something to tell on the phone". The police are already complaining, saying to them "we don't want your calls anymore, what you say is wrong every time". Female Police officers also told them, "Your complaints have no reason, you are harassing us, call for the slightest thing. Don't call anymore." They always say that the others are wrong doers, they think only of their own comfort, leaving the garbage cans outside on the way of the neighbors. They make a false statement to the insurance to try to get money while they bump into their car when entering their own garage drunk. They told the neighbor the story before accusing a scapegoat. She make estimation of my belongings and talk by phone in order to people to ear outside the stairway. They have declare two businesses at their adress, they are not Press or TV correspondents and have no rights to make pictures and videos inside my private place from their home. They are spying my privacy as i declared to Police. They also spy on the blog, facebook, Ebay accounts in order to make assumptions or argue silly. Her contact in Justice Department find out she is manipulative and liar.


Drugs users and smugglers, their complice Nigel lives around, giving hand to false testimony. They refound their gang while "looking good". They contacted again french skinheads, group that they were founders in late 80's in Paris. Several have been jailed because of racketeering and violence, they start harassing again and try to extort funds by other means of false situations, accusing the neighbors. They denounced their gang to exonerate themselves.


Using scapegoat enables them to proximate with authorities for manipulation.


They create false situations in order to become victims, They search to be notorious and known as connected to Police and people around to fear them. They are burglars that have stolen neighbor's "Titles", meaning "Property titles" in France.


They tried to rebuild their reputation by becoming victims, and plaige so in front of Procureur, Police, journalists, neighbors. But they are still bad language, bad behavior in the street. They believe they can make fool of everybody any time and it usualy works during a while.


I explained to Police: "Even if they had a picture of my asshole i will not fail because they threaten me or try blackmail. We all have the same asshole, so why does it matter".


I also warned one neighbor who cutted the tree in the street: 'You cuted a tree, it cost 1500 euro to Townhall to plant trees. You probably receive a ticket about it," And it happened because city employees have seen the tree missing. Mc Millan Olanda also removed one tree for better space to park their car in the street, in front of their house, where they damaged my motorbikes and car.


courbet small.jpg


They eventualy dealing with Macron, of course, they are the same team (Banker HoG). One protects the others because they have a common past. One of the contenders being the director of services, the other in contact with the CIA and the whole mess causes problems in the justice process, because it is the purpose of creating fake scratches on the cars (they did not repair, but send invoice) in order to get the same false testimonies from their gang, they thought anonymised by not using their old fake names. Their local protector feed them with alcool, he is "le chilien", Sylvain Berrios, drug dealer of late 80's running construction work in the city where he became Mayor, but only for "Vendre Saint-Maur" as he said to me 30 years ago. This elected badass is currently making threatening gesture toward me when i walk in the street. At this period David Mc Millan was in France, and the dummy Natali Olanda was in that group. They were reading Hitler's book "Mein Kampf". They pretended being "Skin Heads" but it appear they have algerian-jews origins, they used that for hiding themselves and not been named.


They are a pain in the ass of Macron, who is not able to put aside these three ploters he knows from his childhood. A kind of Benala story that began 35 years ago. I already explain to Police that i don't need much to enquire about this gang, since i knew them already in late 80's.


They have complicity with drug affair at small village called Ervy le Chatel 2018. They brought boxes before Summer and asked for 500 Euro to bar tender. Money gaming at night was known by neighbors and Justice, Police came to see what was happening after Bar was closed. "Le chilien" is again part of the game, he came several times in the village, at this "terrasse". The bar manager is old friend of Berrios, same town and "Cité" of Boissy Saint Léger.


The Olanda Mc Millan team declare anything, and the opposite version. It is not known exactly if a person called Justice about it or if complicity took advantage of knowing them, and "dump them to Police" for recognition. They used to do that already 30 years ago pretending "helping Police" but building the facts with dummies who believe them. They make pictures and videos before anything happen, they are spying on neighbors over fences, by windows, in case they can use pictures or videos afterwards. It is so easy to understand, but people buying their lies are just spreading false informations. When traped by Police with questions they accuse their children, for late noisy parties or drugs, they appologies saying "we were not here" and same for scratches on cars in this street. Children explain they make scratches because i am bothering their dad, the one who entered the property to protest from the request of cuting tree. Justice said i have to prosecute to "Civil Court of Justice", not "Penal Court".


greenpeace 80.jpg


2020, She declare to Police interview not having computer, but she stands outside sited on stairway with Laptop. Also mobile phone have same features. She also pretend not having printer while the mayor and his son were complaining of "death threats on paper" as well as school journal publisher "La mouette baîllonée". On that same time she printed a paper for Portugal bus journey. They said to Police they are hacking phones and computers.


Remember Greenpeace agents who killed Fernando Pereira: "Deux jours après la tragédie, deux agents ayant participé à l’opération, Alain Mafart et Dominique Prieur, qui se faisaient passer pour un couple de touristes suisses – Sophie et Alain Turenge – étaient arrêtés et démasqués. " She is recognised by Firefighters as: "friend of our chief".


They also tried to force recruitment to have a "spy inside"as some officials do in the Small businesses in the Town. lavarenne.asso.st The chilian familly Berrios, that had get refuge in France after Pinochet was removed, particularly pushes their agents in Bars and restaurants where Police (Out of duty) is then managing clients and money. They created kind of DINA the secret chilian Police in Saint Maur who was threatening and killing people in Chile during 73 until 77.


Participant in DINA were Berrios and Contreras, Michael TOWNLEY CIA. Is tactics is using women to seduced important people or bomb car. Blasting the targets was the case with Orlando Letelier, Chilean ambassador to the United States representing Salvador Allende, and the assistant Ronni Moffitt in 1976.


Ronni_Moffitt 90.jpg


Michael Townley living with is real name does not behave like flight attendant or seller of market, he behave like people who urge to be respected because they have hidden agenda.


Other criminal carreer David Mc Millan.

Photographer, TV presenter, drug smuggler, writer.


Some called: Dirty jokes on Mc Millan David's, pretending being CIA american:

Public Facebook page: "Mon mari est un homme délicat" she said.

Poo phoria, nimphomaniac, penis book, sperm bank, a little girl.

He was the UK skinhead training french group of Paris skinheads.


poo phoria red.jpg

nimphomaniac red.jpgpenis book red.jpg

sperm bank red.jpg

a little girl red.jpg














He has secret cases inside the rear his Volkwagen van that he screws and unscrews with electric device. That's why he absolutely wants to park in front of his house.


Remembering Sandra.

May 2019: the trouble maker familly invited Sandra, young student who worked at Bonneuil in Leroy Merlin at their home 2017. Some months later she was kidnaped and found dead inside her own Peugeot. After local search on testimony and environment i had a phone call from Crimnial Police saying i should not continue to enquire around the Food company close to where she was found Sunday. It appear the company is linked to Ice cream brand that Sandra was later managing for region delivery in local Super Market during her work/University internship.





He calls me "t'es vraiment un petit con" Friday 17th April while I do the maintenance of the gutters where the leaves of his tree become dry heaps which clog the pipes, for ten years.






End of pollution update.




Also Chatterley, years ago at the entrance of European Union gave me back my business card after she got the Official door opened with my help. She was CNBC reporter at this time. I went to the door keeper telling she seems ok and just want to enter for filming the place where journalists stands, behind a wall, while asking questions to Ministers and EU representatives. That is exactly the grey coat video. Since the cameraman had dirty shoes i had to ask him for a little clean-up. Firstly reluctant he finally did it.

Once they finished the video, she gave me back the Business card RDM-ROW and said "Take it back because i don't know you".


I thought she could become better at contact by telling: "you should not give back Business card to people, they can get offended. If you don't have one, at least keep the one the person gave you."


One hour later she tried to impeach me to attend the meeting where i was invited about Clean Energies by contacting some EU Deputy. That's the meeting where i exposed about my own field research linked to solar technologies https://www.slideshare.net/reporter/presentations from 2009 to 2010.


Lately when UK Chatterley works live at Bloomberg she believes the UK Pimp Starthearn McMillan and the corsican prostitute Nathalie Olanda that takes cocaïne because she says in front of Police "it is recreational drug". These two harassers, coming from USA, are telling lies for 4 years ago because they were condemned by insurance experts to cut a tree that was not during ten years. Also a second tree had three meters long branches wich were spreading dead leaves on the neighboor yard for years. They pretended once being CIA agents, as they pretend many false statements usually even in front of Police officers. They declared openly in the street they want revange.


The stuburn english came to France with illegal irish contract, working for a company that have been condemned to pay 1.4 million Euro + 150.000 Euro fine in 2010: read here


Translated abstract: "Judged for "hidden work, obstruction of staff representation bodies and lack of registration", easyJet was blamed for failing to declare in France, between June 2003 and December 2006, almost all of its employees at Orly, to the detriment of social welfare organizations."


Defaming me as a person, and as freelance journalist with fake informations at Sat TV is insane use of TV opportunity.


I don't believe anymore Bloomberg's journos that only retrieve and say false informations from the side of difamers that stand for years with the Mayor Berrios, cocaïne consumer and treated as drug addict, in search of fame because he has not succeed in affection of the population of the town were his familly say "we are elected to manage the population". They behave like a gang, trying to manipulate and creating troubles for personal harassment with the goal to get a property that is not for sale. This Mayor declared himself: "I am treated against cocaïne, i took it at Mc Millan's home" Saint-Maur des Fossés 28 rue de la ferme 94210 France. Sylvain Berrios was kicked out from UNESCO conference Mobile Learning week (November 2016) while he was trying to defame me saying to the event manager: "Do you know this guy? I follow him from Saint Maur because he has stollen 3 euro to a small business". Which was false of course, the coins were taken by a customer next to me on purpose. (All this was previously written, wich show Bloomberg CEO and Chatterley doesn't read anything about the information providers they had on phone).


These acts of defamation have no effect since what they tell is false, and known as false for years. LOL


Since i could do it i have given a hand to people when military or field relief crew, but as said Dale Carnegie in the training and book: 

"we must expect ingratitude."

That all folks.
J.Chatterley moved to CNN Live in august 2018.

All apps available on this page: go.CNN



There are many changes inside news companies. The most interesting program holds the success and better advertising benefits. Following business news has not only a value for investors and capital owner but also to understand how politics, climate, events and conflicts are influencing markets.


Watch out ! "Market can change in the blink of an eye." Julie Verhage (Tech-Finance)


This satellite show has the best schedule for european viewers because it starts around 8 pm (EU clock :-)) It is a kind of live economics lesson about what changes occured during business day, night and even week. A group of young questioners and elder experts focused on companie's performances and profit makers consulting. Not everybody will understand what happens in financial news but same words come again and again in speeches wich help to get the clue of their show.


Talks are mostly immediate conclusions about current trends while long run perspective is not always linked to daily situation. For example, if GDP seems independant from foreign exchange rates you can also consider that exchange rate ponderate the global amount of money one country is dealing with. Then, in order to make it simple for LSE uk babe (lol), from the outside, the US GDP is more powerfull in front of other countries when USD is strong, also it becomes weaker when USD is falling down to 0.80 instead of 1 to 1. That's why a larger view on World Economy helps for understanding.


January 27th: According to the difference of FX rate since 2017 6th December's the american PIB (GDP 2016) value of 18 357 320 000 dollars is now

17 469 062 580 USD.  It's a 888 257 419 USD loss.


But 2016 December's rate was 1.07 (not 1.18 as it was 2017 December 6th): then re-estimated PIB (GDP) is virtualy 15 840 590 645 USD wich makes the loss amount: 

2 516 729 354 USD compared to 2016's PIB (GDP). 




An argument is not only a contradiction as said in Monty Python's sketch (need of cultural reference for Julia so she doesn't get lost in Economy) that is why i argue that exchange rate is a ponderation, not a calculation. Remember i write from french point of view.


Great understanding of mecanisms come from high level education, but not only. I think press actors may have experienced their field of work. As she was a worker in companies this business market presenter is a good exemple of this idea. Starting in reporting event from the field Julia Chatterley was hired at Bloomberg for Business department and talks about Wall Street daily. It is a great oportunity to use her skills and make the market talks a "yuppy" event.


The best of UK is exported at USA NYC.

Her talks are just a fairy presence with noticeable dresses.

We met once at EU parlement entrance After the short record explaining journalist role (The grey coat video), i was thinking, well, that reporter will fly all over the world, there not a second to miss from that moment. I did not remember while looking at Bloomberg Market show, but later when i saw the short video of EU entrance. Due to her size i knew she could fit into any screen and be perfect on TV.


"C'est l'Hymne de nos campagnes" Tryo


clip trio.jpg
Si tu es né dans une cité HLM
Je te dédicace ce poème
En espérant qu'au fond de tes yeux ternes
Tu puisses y voir un petit brin d'herbe
Et les mans faut faire la part des choses
Il est grand temps de faire une pause
De troquer cette vie morose
Contre le parfum d'une rose
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales
Pas de boulot, pas de diplômes
Partout la même odeur de zone
Plus rien n'agite tes neurones
Pas même le shit que tu mets dans tes cônes
Va voir ailleurs, rien ne te retient
Va vite faire quelque chose de tes mains
Ne te retourne pas, ici tu n'as rien
Et sois le premier à chanter ce refrain
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales
Assieds-toi près d'une rivière
Écoute le coulis de l'eau sur la terre
Dis-toi qu'au bout, hé, il y a la mer
Et que ça, ça n'a rien d'éphémère
Tu comprendras alors que tu n'es rien
Comme celui avant toi, comme, comme celui qui vient
Que le liquide qui coule dans tes mains
Te servira à vivre jusqu'à demain matin
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales
Assieds-toi près d'un vieux chêne
Et compare-le à la race humaine
L'oxygène et l'ombre qu'il t'amène
Mérite-t-il les coups de hache qui le saigne?
Lève la tête, regarde ses feuilles
Tu verras peut-être un écureuil
Qui te regarde de tout son orgueil
Sa maison est là, tu es sur le seuil
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales (hé)
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales (on y va)
Peut-être que je parle pour ne rien dire
Que quand tu m'écoutes tu as envie de rire
Mais si le béton est ton avenir
Dis-toi que c'est la forêt qui fait que tu respires
J'aimerais pour tous les animaux
Que tu captes le message de mes mots
Car un lopin de terre, une tige de roseau
Servira la croissance de tes marmots
Servira la croissance de tes marmots
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales
C'est l'hymne de nos campagnes
De nos rivières, de nos montagnes
De la vie man, du monde animal
Crie-le bien fort, use tes cordes vocales, hey.
Photo: femmesdumaroc, Youtube TRYO  Source des paroles : LyricFind

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