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Mar 08, 2018

Steel and aluminium production

World products built of aluminium and steel are made with production of ten major companies. Raw materials come from iron mines and alumin mineral. As seen during Dublin raw materials conference, studies are on going for sustainable production of that global market. Since the major metal furnaces are distributed in Asia, Americas, India and Europe the impact of US decision will probably be limited to America and neigboor countries. For the time being european consumers have seen the increase of import taxes when they shop US products online. Other international trade tarrifs will increase final clients costs while creating local jobs again. This extra cost that will increase US products cost and lower again US competitiveness front of asian industry. China is producing 7 to 8 times more steel and aluminium than USA, which represent a completely unbeatable competitor.



crude steel world.jpgaluminium world production.jpg


TOP TEN STEEL PRODUCERS.jpgsteel 1996.jpgSTEEL PRODUCTION.jpgaluminium 96 2018.jpgaluminium 2016 2017.jpg

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