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Sep 28, 2017

Recruitment United Nations illegal medical screening?

Recruitment processes have different procedures depending to wich company you may enter in. The medical screening sent by United Nations USA is asking you to write down any medical details you may usally comunicate to medical staff only.


career opening.jpg


There are then differences between what you can consider "equality at recruitment" and reality.


equality recruitment.jpg


Here is the email you receive after first round of emails and forms.


Please find attached a copy of medical Examination form. The filled form should be sent to (not-displayed)@uncpd.org  for delivery to the United Nations Medical service.
The purpose of medical clearance is to ensure, candidates for recruitment as staff members are physically and mentally fit for employment; and that staff members continue to maintain such fitness in a manner that enables them to perform the functions assigned to them at a particular duty station, as well as to travel to, or work at, other duty stations.
Employees are expected to conduct their medical examination by their respective physicians subject to a re-assessment by the UN medical team on arrival for the training program in the United States.
Dr.  Daniela González.
Office of Human Resource Management (OHRM).
Population Division, United Nations, 
2 United Nations Plaza, 
Rm. DC2-1950, 
New York, NY 10017 USA.


This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information for the sole use of the intended recipient(s). Any review or distribution by anyone other than the person(s) for whom it was originally intended is strictly prohibited."


-> Prohibited by what means?


Loi sur les atteintes à la Paix publique:


Des entraves à l'exercice des libertés d'expression, du travail, d'association, de réunion ou de manifestation.


Intrusion et menace au Flashball 14/06/2016 ?


01 medical form.jpg02 medical form.jpg03 medical form.jpg 04 medical form.jpg












































































































































After twelve years of voluntary personal work at several institutions for education progress, knowledge sharing and attending hundreds of conferences about "equality of gender", " equality of beliefs", "equality of wage", "equality of treatment", "equality of traveling", "equality of anything" i consider that screening at medical level for recruitment is something unfair. It may harm recruitment of skilled people and valuable experts.


"physically and mentally fit for employment" ?






































It is written in United Nations email that Medical screening should be filled with your own physician (Doctor) and you may have another medical examination while recruited.


Because: the employees at United Nations may have full abilities to work for heavy tasks and missions.


You can read a research about Finland: 







"Although discrimination in working life is prohibited by law, it still exists. Discrimination in working life and unequal treatment have been studied quite extensively, but the research has been based on different needs and premises."



Marjut Pietiläinen research





Dominique Marc Deschamps reporter journalist.


RDM-ROW is private funded, for the reason that no "budget provider" can harm freedom of thought and writing.


Despite the Director of UNESCO,  Irina BOKOVA said to me in the main hall: "Why don't you come to conferences? You must come, we funded you!" It is not true that UNESCO gave any funds to me, may be another person received the grant by misleading NGO departement of UNESCO.

I also never asked for any funds myself from UNESCO or other institution. It is possible that an unknown person took advantage of my work and took the money. An other person of UNESCO came to me saying:"if you did not received the money, who received it?" showing there was no real knowledge of who received what.

Some weeks ago i found Berrios, the dirty Maire of Saint Maur des fossés asking for money to UNESCO representative in the city, he was arguing to get the money on my name, because presenting women work. But he has no link with RDM-ROW, i regret he tried forcing me to obtain article and "participate" to finance. Of course the dirty politician will have no opportunity, despite years of harassment against me.


I also noticed that someone at Creteil UPEC University has signed a "presence sheet form" on my name with a copy of my signature, pretending "it is better if all lines are full".



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