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Informar por todos lados

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Article de 1881

Loi du 29 juillet 1881 sur Liberté de la Presse.

(Dernière modification : 29 janvier 2017)


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Literacy in a digital world. Prizes 2017

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Launch of Call for Applications and Nominations 2017.


Since 1967, UNESCO International Literacy Prizes have rewarded excellence and innovation in the field of literacy. Over 470 projects have been recognized. Laureates include governments, NGOs and individuals from around the world.

The Prizes confer both international recognition and a monetary award.


FIVE awards: $20,000 each, a silver medal and a certificate for the each of the five recipients.
Deadline for Nominations: 14 June 2017. Results will be announced august 2017 and award ceremony september.

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"Pas de doigts ..."

L'ami voyageur se moque du handicap et il est bien "placé" pour le faire.


Ecrit du bout du coeur, faute de main, un nouvel ouvrage à paraître. 

"Pas de bras, pas de chocolat!"

Une preuve que les sans dents gardent le moral.


L'homme de tous.



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Intéro, sortez une feuille


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