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United Nations and US pressure

Despite of the will of UN creators and Charter, sometimes members are acting a different way. The general assembly have the power to organize commissions and provide solutions for peacefull resolutions of conflicts. It is up to the General Assembly to analyze situations and setup the best project in case of difficulties. 


United Nations charter chapter IV




In the case of USA puting pressure on all members of the Assembly by telling the vote will be remembered is rare act. Even if finance from USA has a great influence on programs and decisions it does not seem fair to use this argument. The vote shows the pressure have failed. Donald TRUMP have declared Jerusalem as capital for Israeli state. (Read in french article here) Later after US President statement a majority of countries representatives at United Nations had to vote. None of these countries have declared to become "ennemies of America" but decided what they think to be fair, and express their freedom of choice.




When Colin Powel have used false argument of massive destruction weapon in Irak the case was an opportunity of invading the territory and solving the situation of the People from dictature. While now the speech is more about increasing US government direct power over other governments. Rare, but USA had previously put pressure on UNESCO because US / Cuban embargo was not their cup of tea. Then, USA was not participating to UNESCO during decades. The Organisation had to work with 193 members wich participate and provide finance. March 22th 2016 Barak Obama have chosen to open again dialogue with cuban island. Nikki Haley is speaking out for USA empowerement inside United Nations system.




It is not a pity that US government decide to change Embassy location, it is a choice. All UN members, as well as people can decide a project that does not please the whole world. It is happening every day. 

I have no idea what travelers will decide if they wanted to travel to US or buy american furnitures. One third of the planet is also choosing to buy through Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba ... or local.

Prices could go down fast by political effect and dollar value fall down again at 1 euro / 1.38 usd. 24th January it is 1.24 : 1 euro. Most of the forex websites inclued technical analysis.


2 jours.png
meme taux.png

USA PIB banque mondiale.jpgpib-des-usa-en-hausse-au-quatrieme-trimestre-2016.jpg


January 27th: According to the difference of FX rate since 2017 6th December's the american PIB (GDP 2016) value of 18 357 320 000 dollars is now

17 469 062 580 USD.  It's a 888 257 419 USD loss.


But 2016 December's rate was 1.07 (not 1.18 as it was 2017 December 6th): then re-estimated PIB (GDP) is virtualy 15 840 590 645 USD wich makes the loss amount: 

2 516 729 354 USD compared to 2016's PIB (GDP). 


UNRWA funding 65 M USD cut from USA is only 61 854 800 USD.

(at current exchange rate value)


names bloomberg.jpg


decembre.pngD Trump N Haley declarations.pngconstant raise euro.jpgDOLLAR RATE CHART raise.jpg


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