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Sep 23, 2017

Bobber what is that?

Nice machine isn't it? No discrimination on that matter, riders are both women and men. Exclusive bike means you ride by yourself, without or without you, the pilot will hit the jackpot by choosing a Bobber. Easy ride and very pleasant engine. Religious sound and comportment for that mecanic made for real bikers. Two cylinders and very interesting valves system. Some round part is rolling over the camshaft, wich probably increase response and soft rotation of cylinder head distribution.

Like on a living-room seat? Well, the seat is itself quite hard but suspension and springs will soften the road. The front fork drives you perfectly where you like. The weight is easy to manage due the low gravity center. Legs can fit on both sides on the ground. No harm because of exhaust pipes heat. The simple is the best for that machine, no excess weight or accesories. One more time the ride was experimented thanks to GB Motors 94. You find them on the south of Paris, end of highway to Creteil.


bobber 01.jpg

boober 94.jpg

boober doc.jpg

bobber 02.jpg

bobber 03.jpg

bobber 04.jpg

bobber triumph.jpg

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