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"BREXIT" on the table of EU

meeting european leaders.jpgWith Mariano Rajoy, several Presidents have joined the meeting: 

France, Francois Hollande;

Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades;

and the prime ministers of

Greece, Alexis Tsipras;

Italy, Paolo Gentiloni;

Portugal, Antonio Costa; and

Malta, Joseph Muscat.


BREXIT has become an important topic for european leaders because it will affect their economies. 


RDM-ROW: As english people have always said during their stay in european countries, "it is difficult to adapt to foreign countries while they don't try to let you drive on the left, drink tea at 5pm, and eat green peas with mint. They still drive on the right, drink wine and prefer mash potatoes." LOL


Les relations euro méditerranéennes en 20 lignes.

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